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Sheaffer 100 Glossy Black Fountain Pen with Gold Trim

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£71.00 - £71.00
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– High quality black lacquered body
– Polished gold trim
– Polished stainless steel flexible nib with gold plating
– Nib sizes : Fine, Medium

Featuring a elegantly slim barrel and a sleek design. The Sheaffer® 100 Glossy Black Fountain Pen with gold trim is the perfect present for any memorable occasion. Offering a smooth and sleek design.

With a barrel being made of high-quality, black, lacquer. This fountain pen features a body that is not only extremely durable, but also very lightweight. This black barrel being further accented through the use of a gold-plated trim. Resulting in a design that is both sleek and elegant in appearance. Along with the gold trim, this Fountain pen also features the Sheaffer® White Dot®, upon the slotted clip of the pen, a symbol showcasing both quality and prestige.

This fountain pen also features a polished, stainless steel, gold-plated, flexible nib coming in sizes Fine and Medium. Offering some variety to the line width that the pen writes. Which, is further coupled by the fact that this pen also features a piston converter / cartridge system. As a result, this pen offers a smooth and seamless writing experience. Whilst also allowing the user to either choose between using a converter or a cartridge. Allowing for some personalisation to the pen, whilst also allowing use of both cartridge or bottled ink.

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