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Waterman Exception Night & Day with Platinum Stripes Fountain Pen

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£600.00 - £600.00
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– Luxurious gloss black lacquer finish adorns barrel and cap
– Polished palladium-plated accents
– High-quality, stainless steel nib
– Nib size: Medium
– Click-off cap
– Able to take either cartridge or converter

Exception is a phenomenon of technical ingenuity. Conceiving a prestigious pen of this shape to not only look good, work brilliantly, but also feel sublime in the hand, took immense skill. Today, when you write with an Exception, you can feel the inspiration flowing from its charismatic lines. The Waterman Exception Gloss Black Fountain Pen with Chrome trim echoes the magic of inspiration.

A luxurious gloss black lacquered finish adorns the square barrel and cap of this pen. The black body and cap being further complimented through the use of shimmering palladium-plated appointments. Resulting in a design that is both eye-catching and sleek in appearance. The design for this pen being topped off through the use of the click-off cap which not only offers full protection to the pens nib but also ensures that the pens ink doesn't dry up.

A sleek, elegant nib completes this design. Being made of high-quality, stainless steel. This nib comes in either fine or medium sizes. Allowing for some choice when it came to the line width the user wishes to write with. Along with the nib, this pen also had the ability to either use a converter or cartridge. In turn, allowing for the user to have some choice between cartridge, or free flowing bottled ink. As a result, allowing for an extra level of personalisation when it come to the users writing.

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