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Visconti Van Gogh Novel Reader Fountain Pen

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– Inspired by Van Gogh's “The Novel Reader” painting
– High-quality petrol blue green and dark red shades of acrylic resin makes up the pens barrel and cap
– High-quality, polished gold-plated appointments
– Visconti “bridge” sprung pocket clip with “Visconti” inscribed along the side
– Cap band engraved with “Visconti Italy” and “Van Gogh”
– High-quality stainless steel, gold-plated medium large nib
– Cap features a hidden magnet allowing for a secure closure

Coming to the infamous Visconti Van Gogh collection is a brand new pen range inspired by Van Gogh's painting "The Novel Reader", which was originally painted by Van Gogh in France 1888. This painting is especially well known for featuring a lady reading a novel with a yellow cover. The yellow covers being synonymous with the "modern" novels of the time. Through carefully chosen colours from the painting, Visconti has once again been able to beautifully convey Van Gogh's painting into a stunning and unique pen.

The barrel and cap of this pen feature the carefully chosen colours: petrol blue, green, yellow and dark red in different shades to help replicate the flowing irrgular brush strokes famous with the artists style of painting. This effect being beautifully captured through the use of different colours of acrylic resins. The eye-catching barrel and cap of this pen are further complimented through the use of delicate, gold-plated appointments on both the clip and and band present on the pens cap.

In true Visconti fashion, this pen features the iconic Visconti “bridge” style spring pocket clip which has been inscribed with the word “Visconti”. This clip being further accompanied by the cap band which features the words “Visconti Italy” and “Van Gogh”. Which, not only brings the entire design together but also further accentuates the rich coloured resin that makes up the pens barrel and cap. The pens refill is protected through the use of a twist-style closure mechanism, allowing for an effortless opening and closing of the pen.

The high-quality, gold-plated, stainless steel large nib further completes this pens design, coming with a medium size. This pen not only offers a thick line width, but also ensures a smooth and seamless writing experience to the user.

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