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Sheaffer Intensity Engraved Bronze Fountain Pen

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– High-quality, engraved translucent bronze lacquer body
– Body features wave-like engraving pattern
– Polished black trimming
– Thin cylindrical profile
– Medium, black, stainless steel nib
– Cartridge / converter system

Intensify your writing with the Sheaffer® Intensity® Engraved Translucent Bronze Fountain Pen. With a slim, streamlined barrel this pen offers a lightweight and eye-catching design. Offering a writing experience that is both smooth and seamless.

Featuring a cylindrical body made of high-quality, engraved translucent bronze lacquer, further accented by a polished black trim. This pen offers a design that is both durable and eye-catching. Which is thanks to its unique, engraved wave-style pattern. Along with this, the pen features a Sheaffer® White Dot®, upon clip of the pen, being a symbol showcasing both quality and prestige. Furthermore, the cap of this pen also features a screw-on cap. Allowing for full protection to the pens nib.

This fountain pen comes with a high-quality, medium, black, stainless steel nib. Allowing for a smooth writing experience. Whilst this pen also allows for the user to either choose between using a converter or a cartridge. Allowing for the pen to either be used with cartridge or bottled ink. Allowing for some personalisation when it came to writing.

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