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Platinum Vicoh Kanazawa Gold Leaf 18kt Gold Nib Changing Autumn Leaves Art-Fountain Pen

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£220.00 - £220.00
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The greatest fountain pen that you haven't heard of. The Japanese-made brand Platinum  has a cult following amongst fountain pen enthusiasts. Taking inspiration from the iconic Japanese tradition of art decorated writing instruments, Platinum offer a range of stunning, delicate and intricate designs, all acknowledging their Japenese heritage. This model is adorned with a lovely depiction of some Japanese Autumn Leaves in falling motion, a spiritual tribute to the autumn time. To finish the design, Platinum include their sublime 18k Solid Gold Nib - an achievement, at this price point, that no other distinguished brand has yet to replicate.

- Special Vicoh Kanazawa Changing Autumn Leaves art-design
- 18k Gold Leaf augments the stunning artwork
- 18k gold nib available in sizes F or M: 18k Nib at an extraodinary price

NB. Please note Japanese nib sizing is generally finer than European sizing. We recommend sizing up if in doubt.

- Unique King Gyo (Koi) design that replicates the appearance of Koi fish
- Barrel and cap made of high-quality celluloid
- High-quality, polished, gold appointments
- 14ct gold, fine nib
- Ability to take either cartridge or converter

The greatest fountain pen that you haven't heard of. The Japanese-made Platinum 3776 has a cult following amongst fountain pen enthusiasts. The #3776 in the name of this pen is inspired by the height, in meters, of Japans Mt Fuji which is a fitting appellation for one of Japan's most iconic pens.

Both the barrel and cap of this pen feature a unique King Gyo (Koi) design that is created through the use of multi-coloured, high-quality, celluloid. Which is further complimented through the use of high-quality, polished gold-plated accents. Resulting in a unique and eye-catching design. Along with its stunning body, this pen features a high-quality screw on cap ensuring that the pens nib is fully protected whilst also ensuring the pens ink doesn’t dry out.

Further completing this pens design is its high-quality, fine, 14k gold nib. Which offers the user has a smooth and seamless writing experience. Along with this, the ability to either take cartridge or converter also allows the user some personalisation between what type of ink that they wish to use.

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