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Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresmann Fountain Pen M405

by Pelikan
Original price £420.00 - Original price £420.00
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£420.00 - £420.00
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– Diamond-cut, high-grade black and antharcite resin casing
– Palladium-plated accents
– 18k fully rhodinized nib with rhodium trim coming in a variety of sizes
– Nib sizes : Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad
– Piston filling mechanism

Being named after the striped suits worn by Gustav Stresmann, a man who was not only honoured with the Nobel Prize but is also well known for his reconciliatory work between the nations after World War I. The Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresmann Fountain Pen offers a powerful design. Along with also offering a smooth and seamless writing experience.

The body of this fountain pen is made of high-grade, black resin. Further decorated through the use of a deceptively simple individual, anthracite, striped celluloid acetate material, which results in the infamous striped pattern along the barrel of the pen. Offering a pen body that is not only durable but lightweight, despite its size. In turn resulting in a well balanced and controlled writing experience for the user. The body of this pen is further complimented and accented through the use of palladium-plated accents. Resulting in a design that is both eye-catching and impressive in appearance. Topping off the pen is the screw on cap. Which not only features the iconic Pelikan clip crowning the top of the cap. But also protects the nib of the pen.

Featuring a 18k gold, fully rhodinized nib, resulting in an elegant silvery sheen. This pen offers a smooth and seamless writing experience. Whilst also complimenting the black and black and grey body of the pen. The nib of this pen comes in a variety of different sizes: Extra fine, Fine, Medium and Broad. Allowing for full customisation to the pen when it comes to the line width the pen writes with. Coupled with the nib, this pen features the iconic differential piston-filling mechanism. Allowing for the pen to not only write using bottled ink, but also allows for a refilling experience that is both seamless and faster.

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