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Pelikan Souveran 400 Fountain Pen M400 Tortoiseshell White

by Pelikan
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£340.00 - £365.00
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– Diamond-cut, high-grade gold and white resin casing
– Unique striped translucent barrel with gold sheen
– 24k gold-plated accents
– High-quality, 14k bi-colour nib with rhodium trim
– Nib types: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad
– Piston filling mechanism

Being produced in 2004, the Pelikan Souveran Tortoiseshell White Fountain Pen has a beautifully elegant design that is both eye catching and breath-taking. Featuring the same stature to the other fountain pens in the Souveran Range. This pen stands out from the rest.

The main centre peice of the pen is it's barrel. Featuring a stunning, striped translucent sleeve with a gold sheen, further accompanied by the white cap and finger grip. This pens design is both radiant and ethereal in nature. This body and cap being topped off through the use of 24k gold-plated trimming, which not only beautifully compliments the body and cap of the pen. But also contributes to the warm splendour of this fountain pen. Completing this pens design is the screw on cap. Which is not only made of the same warm, white resin of the finger grip but also features the iconic Pelikan clip crowning the top of the cap. But also offers full protection to the pens nib.

Featuring a , 14k gold, bi-colour nib, coming in multiple sizes from Extra Fine to Broad, which is further decorated through the use of a rhodium trim. This pen offers a smooth and seamless writing experience. Whilst also complimenting the white and gold body of the pen. This nib is further coupled with the iconic differential piston-filling mechanism. Allowing for the pen to not only write using bottled ink, but also allows for a refilling experience that is both seamless and faster.

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