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Conway Stewart The Alan Turing Fountain Pen

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During World War II Alan Turing was based at Station X, otherwise known as Bletchley Park, the Victorian mansion that served as the wartime HQ of Britain’s top codebreakers. As part of a team of highly talented mathematicians and cryptologists, he helped design the Bombe that decoded thousands of Nazi military communications on a daily basis, and helped shorten the war by 2-4 years.

The National Museum of Computing has launched the second in their series of Conway Stewart pens following the success of the Turing-Welchman Pen.

The top of the pen has a specially designed ‘X’ button in silver and black enamel which is a replica of an ‘X’ Key on the Enigma machine and also represents Station X. Engraved on the barrel are the words “The Alan Turing Pen” to keep alive the memory of this most ingenious man whose secret activities during the Second World War. 

Around the wide sterling silver cap band is the word "ENIGMA", and there is a secret compartment to hide your secret message – unscrew the barrel end, and there is a compartment to hold a small scroll of paper – your message to yourself, or to your loved one, hopefully written in code!

- Limited Edition Number 98/251
- 2-Tone 18ct Gold Medium Nib
- Fitted with a converter
- Conway Stewart bottled ink available
- Compatible with International Standard ink cartridges

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