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Montblanc Masters of Art Homage to Vincent van Gogh Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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Montblanc continue their celebration of history's greatest artists and cultural figures with a new range of pens and notebooks dedicated to the legendary Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The barrel of the pen is adorned with a print inspired by van Gogh's iconic masterpiece "Sunflowers". Its cap enjoys a wooden construction, with a tactile and unorthodox wooden texture. Montblanc have chosen their highly regarded Au 750 nib, made from 18k solid gold, ensuring the pen writes to a standard worthy of the homage vision.

- Dedicated to Vincent van Gogh
- Barrel features an extraordinarily detailed pattern inspired by his "Sunflowers"
- Superb Montblanc Au 750 medium, 18K gold nib

- Dedicated to Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert
- Barrel features a high-quality pear white lacquer finish
- Cap features a high-quality burgundy-tone lacquer finish with special pattern underneath
- Signature gold-coated accents
- High-quality, medium, 24K gold nib with engraving of roses

The Montblanc Patron of Art Edition 2022 is dedicated to Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert. This remarkable couple edition comes in the form of two separate pens. One celebrating Queen Victoria and the other celebrating Prince Albert.

Celebrating the young Victoria, this fountain pen features a high-quality, pearl white lacquered barrel which is further accompanied by the cap which features a high-quality, translucent burgundy-tone lacquer with a special pattern hidden underneath. Making for a stunning design that is only further accentuated through the use of the pens signature gold-coated accents. The pens clip is shaped in tribute to Victorias sceptre with a stunning red synthetic stone embedded at the end of the clip. The top section of the pens screw-on cap is inspired by the crystal palaces and is adorned with the Montblanc emblem made of high-quality, white precious resin. The cap ring features a beautiful engraving of the quote "true und fest." All together resulting in a pen with a truly stunning and sophisticated design that is a beautiful tribute to Prince Albert.

Completing this pens design is the hand-crafted, medium, 24K solid gold nib. Which bares the engraving inspired by his coat of arms of Saxony, paying homage to his personal coat of arms. As a result, not only does this pen offer a smooth and seamless writing experience to the user but is also a further tribute to Prince Albert.

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