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Parker Sonnet Red Lacquer Fountain Pen Gold Trim

by Parker
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£196.00 - £196.00
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– Luxurious red glossy Lacquer finish
– Shiny 23k gold-plated accents
– Nib made high-quality, 23k gold-plated stainless steel
– Nib size: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad
– Ability to either take cartridge or converter

With it's Classic Parker style. The Parker Sonnet range of pens have an ageless appearance, with an elegant profile that forms a figure that is both unassuming and beautiful. The Parker Sonnet Red Lacquer Fountain Pen with Gold Trim offers a writing experience that is both smooth and seamless.

A luxurious, glossy red lacquer finish adorns the barrel and cap of this pen. Being further accompanied by a beautiful, 23k gold-plated trim. Resulting in a design that is both unique and sleek. Along with it's classical design. Along with this, the pen features a click-on cap, allowing for full protection to the pens nib. Whilst also ensuring that the pens ink isn’t able to dry out.

Featuring a 23k gold-plated, stainless steel nib further decorated with the Parker logo. This fountain pen offers a writing experience that is unforgettably smooth and seamless. Whilst gold-plated, stainless steel nib also further accents and compliments the body and barrel of this pen. Along with this, this fountain pen has the ability to take either cartridge or converter, allowing for the user to be able to choose between either using cartridge or free-flowing bottled ink.

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